The way people talk to their doctors has changed a lot as technology has improved. This is because healthcare is always changing. Another new idea that has become popular is the patient portal, which is a safe online space where people can view their health records, talk to medical professionals, and become more involved in managing their own health. Marietta Dermatology knows how important it is for patients to be involved with their care, so it has created its own patient site to make it easier for people to get in touch with their dermatologist.

The Marietta Dermatology Patient Portal

The Patient Portal at Marietta Dermatology is an easy-to-use digital gateway that connects people with their dermatology care providers. This safe platform has many features that are meant to improve the patient experience, make contact easier, and give people more control over their skin health.

Article NameMarietta Dermatology Patient Portal
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Address111 Marble Mill Road, NW Marietta, Georgia 30060
Phone Number770-422-1013

Benefits of the Marietta Dermatology Patient Portal

Enhanced Patient Engagement: By providing patients with easy access to their health information and fostering open communication with their healthcare team, the patient portal promotes active patient engagement. Informed and engaged patients are more likely to take proactive steps towards maintaining their skin health.

Time and Convenience: The convenience of online access cannot be overstated. Patients can manage their dermatological care from the comfort of their homes, reducing the need for unnecessary office visits or phone calls. This time-saving aspect enhances overall patient satisfaction and contributes to a more efficient healthcare experience.

Improved Communication: The secure messaging feature of the patient portal not only facilitates communication but also ensures that the exchange of sensitive health information adheres to strict privacy and security standards. This not only fosters trust but also streamlines communication for both patients and healthcare professionals.

Patient Empowerment: Empowering patients to actively participate in their healthcare journey is a primary goal of the Marietta Dermatology Patient Portal. By providing educational resources, easy access to information, and tools for managing appointments and prescriptions, the portal empowers patients to take charge of their skin health and well-being.

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Phone Number770-422-1013.
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Patient Support Center Details

Marietta Dermatology & The Skin Cancer Center
111 Marble Mill Road, NW
Marietta, Georgia 30060 Administrative and billing offices: 770-422-1013

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Marietta Dermatology Patient Portal FAQ

What is the Marietta Dermatology Patient Portal?

The Marietta Dermatology Patient Portal is an online platform designed to facilitate secure communication and collaboration between patients and their dermatology healthcare providers. It offers a range of features allowing patients to access their health information, schedule appointments, communicate with their healthcare team, and actively participate in managing their dermatological care.

How do I access the Patient Portal?

To access the Marietta Dermatology Patient Portal, you can visit our website and look for the “Patient Portal” link. From there, you can log in using your provided credentials. If you encounter any issues or need assistance, our support team is ready to help.

What information can I find on the Patient Portal?

The Patient Portal provides secure access to various aspects of your dermatological health, including medical history, test results, treatment plans, and prescription details. It serves as a centralized repository for your health information, promoting transparency and informed decision-making.

Can I schedule appointments through the Patient Portal?

Yes, the Patient Portal offers a convenient appointment scheduling feature. Patients can book, reschedule, or cancel appointments at their own pace. Automated reminders will help ensure you never miss an upcoming visit, contributing to the continuity of your dermatological care.


The Marietta Dermatology Patient Portal is a big step forward for dermatology care that is focused on the patient. Marietta Dermatology is not only improving the patient experience by using technology, but they are also creating an environment where people work together and feel empowered. As healthcare changes, patient portals are becoming more and more important for making the patient group more connected, informed, and involved. In this digital age, Marietta Dermatology is dedicated to giving complete, patient-centered care, as shown by the Marietta Dermatology Patient Portal.

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